Cardano’s Governance

Intersect and its members play an important role in shaping the proposed on-chain governance mechanisms - and the development of off-chain tools and processes to support it. Learn more and get involved.

On-chain decision making

Cardano Improvement Proposal, or CIP-1694, describes a governance system to bring decision making for the Cardano network on-chain. It seeks to advance the current governance system ensuring every ada holder has a voice in Cardano’s governance. You can read the full design specification below.

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The development roadmap

This year has seen significant and rapid progress. Since the publication of CIP-1694 in November 2022, the Cardano community has hosted over 50 governance workshops across 24 countries, engaging over 1,000 individuals and entities to learn, network, and build towards an inclusive and sustainable governance system. You can read more on the engagement and progress made, and importantly what the future milestones are in 2024.

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Governance Roles

Get involved in testing

Get involved in testing


SanchoNet is the testnet for rolling out groundbreaking governance features for the Cardano blockchain, aligning with the comprehensive CIP-1694 specifications. Join the community today.

SanchoNet GovTool

SanchoNet GovTool

Interact with SanchoNet using GovTool - a friendly user interface connected to SanchoNet. You can delegate your voting power (tAda) or become a SanchoNet DRep to allow people to delegate voting power to you.

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