GovTool on Sanchonet

GovTool on SanchoNet

Connecting to the test environment SanchoNet, GovTool improves accessibility to test the governance features described in CIP-1694. It brings new audiences and participation to Cardano’s on-chain governance design.

Open source

GovTool will be part of a wider system of open source projects developing governance tooling in the age of Voltaire. With community approval, Intersect, through its committees and working groups, will play an important role in hosting and maintaining these governance tools, as well as supporting and maintaining an open source framework.

Contribute and build

Members of Intersect can contribute to governance tooling by maintaining and improving existing features and pillars, including creating new features or ideas. With an active grant program open, members of Intersect can apply for funding to build new tools to drive awareness, participation and accessibility to support Cardano’s on-chain governance.

Find out more about Intersect’s grant program.


Start testing in beta

Start testing in beta

SanchoNet GovTool Beta Release

Interact with SanchoNet using GovTool - a friendly user interface connected to SanchoNet.

Features in beta

New Features coming next