Meet the interim Constitutional Committee

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Community governance in action

In late May, we opened up applications to join the first interim Constitutional Committee (ICC), the body that will uphold the interim Constitution and vote on the very first on-chain governance actions. Many individuals, organizations, and consortia from across the community applied to take on this significant responsibility. In doing so, and regardless of the outcome, they have contributed to the developing maturity and strengthening of Cardano’s governance.

The 21 applicants got together on X to introduce themselves and their candidacy to over 7,000 community members who tuned in. The community as a whole has been voting for its three representatives on the ICC to sit alongside pioneer entities IOG, EMURGO, and the Cardano Foundation, and member-based organization, Intersect.

The results are in…

The election saw 455, 779, 792, 149, 846 (455, 779, 792 ada) staked and 1947 unique votes. We are pleased to announce the outcome, and confirm the remaining three seats on Cardano’s interim Constitutional Committee - see the top 6 as confirmed by ranked choice:

Results Chart

Note: Data provided by Summon Platform, a blockchain development group contracted by Summon MBO. Ada totals reflect voting results after a series of simple run-off elections where the candidate with the lowest number of votes was eliminated, until only six candidates remained. For more information on the ranked choice voting process used in this election please see the FAQs provided by the Summon Platform. Full audits will be made available shortly once formatted for publication.

Our sincere congratulations to the Cardano Atlantic Council, Cardano Japan, and Eastern Cardano Council who have been elected by the community as their top three preferred candidates. In addition, congratulations to Mauro Agustín Andreoli, Scientific Analytical Tools LLC, and Joshua Stone who are confirmed as alternates in the event one (or more) from the top 3 decline to sit on the ICC. Once again, a huge thanks to all candidates listed below that took the time to apply and play an important part in the Cardano governance journey:

Aaron Ou, Abe Ellis, Andrew Donovan, Ático Mismana, Cardano Confederation of Emerging Economies, INO NPO, Johnny Kelly, Jonathan Partlow, Kamaldeen Musah, Kevin Mohr, Lloyd Duhon, Nicodemus Rodriguez, Rich Manderino (EarnCoinPool), Tevo Saks, Vaibhav Solanki

What’s next?

For the elected representatives, onboarding will commence shortly and the Intersect Constitutional Support team will be reaching out. On a related note, we’re welcoming applications to form Intersect’s own Constitutional Council. All Intersect members (especially those not successful in this election) are encouraged to apply!

Beyond the ICC, the 50 global workshops to draft Cardano’s final Constitution will start in August, with the final line-up being confirmed in early July. We hope as many of you as possible will have your say on the drafting of the final Constitution, as well as electing delegates to attend the Constitutional Convention in Buenos Aires in December.

How to get involved: