CIP-1694 Progress Update 4: Unveiling the Latest Developments in Governance

6 min

The Voltaire GovTool

Showcased at the recent NFTxLV event, the Voltaire GovTool serves as a valuable resource to advancing community building on Cardano. By creating a user-friendly interface that enables ADA holders to directly interact with CIP-1694, and easily register as Delegated Representatives (DReps), delegate voting power to DReps, and review governance actions, collaboration and democratic decision making will soon be a streamlined process for the entire community to enjoy.

Register here if you’re interested in testing the Voltaire GovTool together.

Technical updates

SanchoNet: Currently Implementing Phase 5

SanchoNet is about developing and testing the technical components and processes required to action governance for Cardano within CIP-1694. In the months ahead, SanchoNet will follow an independent development roadmap scoped from a technical governance perspective, which will allow for full experimental and iterative progress.

Phase 5 – now in the process of being iterated after the latest 8.5 node release – is dedicated to more technical functionality testing. This includes protocol parameter updates, queries, and extended keys – elements that contribute to the adaptability and resilience of the Cardano’s network as it continues to evolve. Opportunities to test and refine Committee functionalities will also be available on SanchoNet.

SanchoNet Feature Rollout

Technical update

CIP-95 Stay Connected

CIP-95: A proposal designed to empower ada holders with a voice by way of voting capabilities.

As Cardano moves towards the proposed advancement of participatory governance in CIP-1694, wallet providers become an integral infrastructure provider for individuals who wish to take part in governance right from their personal wallet.

The CIP-95 proposal has now been merged into the CIPs repository and can be seen at CIPs/CIP-0095. This means that the proposal achieved community consensus around the technical design.

A sister proposal derived from CIP-95 has just been submitted. Please see CIP-???? | Conway Era Key Chains for HD Wallets (rendered proposal), the majority of this content has been lifted from CIP-95 as had been agreed with the community.

During the 3rd SanchoNet-Wallets call on October 3rd, we saw a demonstration of dApp-wallet communication, facilitating DRep registration, vote delegation and voting on governance actions. Thanks to those community members who joined.

Alpha build of the Serialization Library for Conway ledger era

Serialization Library: A library for serialization & deserialization of data structures.

Emurgo released the first Alpha builds of their Serialization Library for the Conway ledger era. This build now supports:

  • All new certificates - DRep Reg/Retire/Update, Vote Delegation, etc.
  • Voting
  • All types of Governance Action

The library can be used to generate new certificates and transactions that can be submitted to SanchoNet.

See Github for more details and join the discussion. The team at Emurgo is looking forward to getting your feedback, but stresses once again that this is an Alpha build.

These builds have now been tested against SanchoNet and determined that this library can be used to create Conway-compatible transactions.

Get Involved in SanchoNet

A vibrant, inclusive, and community-driven testing ground for inventive governance features, SanchoNet provides unique opportunities for the Cardano community to get involved in shaping Cardano’s future. As SanchoNet advances in its journey of implementation and feature rollout, the community is strongly encouraged to embrace specific roles crucial for testing and refining the governance mechanisms.

This week’s digest focuses on additional key components vital to the continuing growth and sustainability of Cardano. In order for Cardano to expand and meet ecosystem needs in the age of Voltaire, protocol parameters must be flexible and ready to adapt new updates. Phase 5 of SanchoNet empowers testnet ada holders with the ability to propose and endorse new and productive changes to existing parameters.

Additionally, this update will introduce extended key support, which improves the user experience for those utilizing Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) key generation. It will also prioritize improving queries to ledger and governance states, empowering users to programmatically retrieve essential data from the blockchain. The community’s continued participation and feedback during SanchoNet’s rollout is highly encouraged as it will shape the future of governance on Cardano.

Learn more about getting involved at